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Moon Rigel Max 1500 Lumen

Moon Rigel Max 1500 Lumen


High-performance MOON LED front light, NEW MODEL.
Easy and convenient attachment to the handlebar.
CNC machined aluminum frame.

Model: MOON Rigel Max
- Powerful 2-LED front light

Various light modes / variations
- Mode 1: 1500 lm, operating time 1h 40 min
- Mode 2: 500 lm, operating time 3h 30min

Flashing function
- Flash 1: 100 lm, operation time 65 hours
- Flash 2: 400 lm, operating time 61h 30min
- Daytime running light: 400 lm, operating time 55 hours
- SOS function, operating time 80 hours

- The new luminaire is packed in a locked state to prevent accidental switching on:
To unlock, press switch n 6sec, the blue light on the switch
will flash 2 times = the lock is unlocked and you can use all light modes.
If you want to lock valaismen again, then turn off the lights,
push the switch's 6sec, when the switch blue light
will flash 2 times = interlock is activated

- Reversible lens enables the lamp be attached upside down
- Overheating protection
- light indicator for charging and battery duration
- Automatic shut-off when the battery is fully loaded
- Also visible on the site!
- Easy-to-use bar mount with quick release
- Quick-release helmet mount included
- Rechargeable, USB cable included
- Moisture protection IPX7

- Charging time: approx. 3 hours
- Battery: 3.7V 3400mAh, Li-ion polymer
- Dimensions: 46 x 84 x 27 mm (Width, length, height)
- Weight 144g