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Moon Rigel Power 3600 Lumens

Moon Rigel Power 3600 Lumens


Super efficient MOON LED front light, NEW 6-LED model.
Easy and convenient attachment to the handlebar.
CNC machined aluminum frame.

On the light, a clear LED display for controlling functions.

- Remote control switch included, wired model
- Arm loop

Model: MOON Rigel Enduro
- Powerful 6-LED

headlight Multiple light modes / variations
- Boost: 2600 lm, operating time 2 hours
- Mode 1: 2100 lm, operating time 2.5 hours
- Mode 2: 1000 lm, operating time 4 h 45min
- Mode 3: 500 lm, operating time 9 h 45min

Flashing function
- Flash 1: 100 lm, operating time 190 hours
- Flash 2: 400 lm, operating time 88 hours
- Daytime running light: 400 lm, operating time 200 hours
- SOS function 80lm, operating time 140 hours

- Intelligent setting option
- Matrix-style display

- The new luminaire is in a locked mode to prevent it from being accidentally switched on:
To unlock, press switch n 6sec, the blue light on the switch
flashes 2 times = the lock is unlocked and you can use all light modes.
If you want to lock the luminaire again, switch off the light-
press switch n 6sec, the blue light on the switch
will flash 2 times = locking is activated

- Overheating protection
- Light indicator for charging and battery life
- Automatic power off when the battery is fully charged
- Also visible on pages!
- Easy to use and very sturdy rod mount with quick release
- Rechargeable model, USB cable included
- Moisture protection IPX7

- Charging time: approx. 6.5 hours
- Battery type 21700, 2 x 4500mAh / total 9000mAh Li-ion
- Dimensions: 57 x 115 x 34 mm (Width , length, height)
- Weight 315g